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Multimedia Services During COVID-19

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Dear Client,

In the midst of this pandemic, District Pixel hopes that everyone from clients to friends is safe and healthy. Like many other businesses around the country, we are exercising conscientious distance to ensure that health and safety are our top priorities. Although it may seem like collaboration is out of reach, we are reaching out in the spirit of close collaboration.

Thanks to the internet, communications progress can still be made for the goals we were all pursuing before the setback of COVID-19. We are optimistic about using video and multimedia content to keep working hard for our business and our clients.

We well recognize you are faced with challenges in providing your own constituents with essential communications and responsiveness (often electronically).  We are well equipped to support such activities to keep continue creating Multimedia Content for your Communications and Business. 

We have shared internally (and now with you) the guidelines based on the Center For Disease Control (CDC) that we are going to use to keep continue to offer you our services. We will do our best to continually practice these appropriate steps along with others.

Finally, and most importantly, we want to wish you, your family, and your colleagues, only good health as we move forward.  We extend our thoughts and prayers to anyone you may know that has been affected.


Our goal is to be allied with your communications and marketing strategies. With all global health concerns, we are adapting to new challenges and fast changes by innovating and redesigning our services to serve you better.


Keeping storytelling at the top of mind, we can repurpose existing assets from your files, stock footage, or even take past video projects to re-shape the message and story. It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, collaboration is our first priority.

Computer Monitor


Motion graphics and animations can be an incredibly impactful way to convey a message, and it can be done entirely remotely. This way of video marketing is made completely on the computer so in-person contact is not necessary.


Since most of the offices are closed and we are proactively working from home, we have designated a very reduced team and equipment to cover your telework - video needs, following rigorous health guidelines according to CDC.


As part of our capabilities for multimedia content production, we can collaborate and support the following Graphic Design Services: Presentations, Brand Design, Social Media Content, Banners, infographics.

Safety Protocol

We are used to having access to a studio and filming people in person, but the way that we conduct our day-to-day has changed significantly. Following the guidelines of Center for Disease Control and Prevention, we have designed a safety protocol for essential videotaping of interviews, testimonials, executives, and manager's messages, among others.

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