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Now you can publish more videos more often, and have more time to be creative

Start growing with District Pixel Video Creators, If you’re not a frequent video content creator then a Starting Creator, may be best for you. If you upload videos every week then a Full Creator would be a good fit. Whatever your video editing needs, our pricing for video editing will bring out the best in all your videos. 

We make it easier and much less expensive to produce engaging content for social media.

We help our clients turn their media assets into engaging social content - at scale.

No crazy costs.

Just a low, flat monthly rate.

48 hours turnaround

(animations may take longer)

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Frequently asked questions

How many videos can I create?

It depends on what you're after. A 10-minute project with lots of short scenes, subtitles, animations, and transitions-galore will take much longer than a 10 second social snippet. The simpler the job, the faster we can work through your queue, meaning more videos that can be created. We generally recommend marketing videos are kept under 5 minutes in length.

What can I create?

Video Programs is a program designed to help entrepreneurs create a constant stream of engaging video content for their social audiences, this program is only for social media content.

What does unlimited mean?

If you choose a Full Creator Package you can submit as many jobs as you need per month, and request as many revisions as you like, all for a flat monthly fee, you'll have a designed editor that will be involved in in your project working on 1 video at a time, once you aprove 1 video the editor will start your next project.

What happens at the end of the month?

The unlimited requests and revisions cover the length of your membership. Video Creator is a subscription for 3 months and you can cancel it anytime before at the end of the month.

When I receive my video?

We'll deliver the first draft in 48 hours within business days, based on the first cut you can request changes, easy changes such as remove footage or text can take 24 hours, other changes can take 3 business days.

Could I submit videos for other purposes?

If you start working with us, we need to know your brand, business, and values, and you will have an editor assigned to work on the videos for your brand if you want to include videos that are not related to your brand we recommend choose another plan or request a quote for your video.

Can I cancel my suscription?

Yes! your subscription is for 3 months and you can cancel it anytime before at the end of the month, without any fee cancelation. Please keep in mind the current month is not refundable.

Can I get animated videos with this program?

This program is for content creators, and we will be working with your footage. If you are interested in an animated video, commercial video, we recommend requesting a quote.

What types of videos can you edit?

Video Creator is a program for content creators, the videos that you can request under your subscription are: Vlogs
Music Videos
Online Courses
Review Videos
Travel Videos If you don’t see your video type in the list above, please drop us a message to one of our friendly team at the on-site chat icon and we’ll see if we can help you!

How do I upload the footage to you?

We will share with you a personalized and private folder via Google Drive where you can upload the footage.
One folder is called “Raw Footage.” Anytime you want to make a request simply create a NEW folder inside that folder. Title that new folder with the date and just backdate each if needed. Then place your video files in there. If you have B-roll simply create a B-roll folder and so on and so on. Just be organized, that’s all.

How does the whole process work?

After payment, you will receive a form to complete your profile that includes a few questions about your brand and style of video. We will then match you with your editor within 8 hours and send you a welcome email with a shared Google Drive folder link where you can upload to.Your dedicated editor will be in charge of your project. As soon as our editor is done with your video, you will get an email from our system with a download link to the video. There you can ask for any revisions.

Can you resize video for other social media channels?

So this is how it works. We will edit your video in standard 16:9 format. Once you approve the video, we will realize that video to the other two social media channels of you liking without any additional cost. For example Instagram feed video 1.1 and instagram story 9:16. Depending on what you want this may take another 48 hours for these separate versions.

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