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Engage your audience with high-quality videos, simple, easy, and affordable.

In District Pixel we love to tell stories through images. In the year 2003, we had the opportunity to learn for the first time how to use video editing software.  Nowadays after years of working for several production companies, TV Stations, real-world entertainment industries we are ready to serve you. With wide knowledge in video editing, we offer to you a nice world of a high standard for your projects whether it is for commercial purposes or for your family and friends.

Let's talk!

Tell us about your video, expectations, and distributions. You will receive a fixed price instantly. 

Send us the footage

We share with you a folder where you will upload a quick brief of what you need doing and the Footage.

Get your video!

You will receive your video within 7-10 days, also include 2 rounds of revisions if you want to polish something. 


Video Editing Subscription Service

Start growing with District Pixel Video Creators, If you’re not a frequent video content creator then a Starting Creator, may be best for you. If you upload videos every week then a Full Creator would be a good fit. Whatever your video editing needs, our pricing for video editing will bring out the best in all your videos. 

Flat Rates Starts from $600

and we are not kidding!