Video is the most powerful tool to drive massive results in online marketing campaigns, which is a proven strategy to differentiate your company and establishes an emotional connection with potential clients.

We love to work with individual and corporate clients such as small businesses, start-ups, non-profits, conferences, events, gala, restaurants, etc.

If you have an idea, event, or project, we want to hear about that.

Explore Our Video Production Services
Event Recap

Specialized in Corporate Events, capturing the atmosphere of a live event to deliver a masterpiece that represents your company or organization’s event.

Small Business Video

Increase engagement and convert more visitors into clients by bringing the benefits of high-quality video to your small business.

Corporate Video

Quickly communicate your key messaging, while your company build awareness and engaging your target market in a high-quality video.

Promo Video

If you need to promote your product, company, or brand we can make an awesome animated or cinematic video for you.

Motion Graphics

If you are looking for a video explainer, corporate promotions, and much more. We are able to create stunning animated videos tailored to your business. 

Restaurants Video

If you want as many people as possible to know who you are and what kind of cuisine and atmosphere have your restaurant, write to us and we are ready for you.

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A Smooth-Running, Focused in Customer Experience

At District Pixel we understand that video production can offer varying experiences. We want to take all of the doubts out about the process. Working with us is very simply follow the steps to enable you to get the high-quality video you need efficiently, without ever sacrificing your precious time.

Here’s how our process works

Let’s Talk!

Let us know about the scope of your project, your expectations, what kind of video you’ll need and your marketing goals

Get the proposal

We’ll create a customized proposal for your approval that meets your requirements, timeline and the flat rate

Book the date

Once we get your approval, it is time to sign the agreement and pay the 50% retainer fee and we’ll work in the pre-production plan

Shooting day

The magic starts here! We’ll go to the location with tons of willingness to get 4K high-resolution videos while having fun


All media will be stored, footage and music selection, video editing begins, audio post-production, color grading, motion graphics


Your video is ready for approval, we include two rounds of revision, we expect final payment and you’ll get you final 4K video

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We want to hear from you

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