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We're a team of expert videographers creating engaging content for businesses & individuals in the DMV.

Alt Text: "Professional video recording setup focusing on an interview subject seated in a library. The foreground shows a detailed view of the camera and its LCD display, with the blurred figure of a man in the background, creating a thoughtful and intense filmmaking environment
professional video recording setup at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC. The scene includes a high-definition camera focused on a modern interview setting with orange chairs and a minimalistic white table, under soft lighting, emphasizing corporate media production by District Pixel

Washington DC - Maryland - Virginia

With over 20 years of experience, District Pixel brings video expertise to the East Coast. We craft high-quality videos for businesses and individuals, specializing in display videos, event recaps, fundraising campaigns, explainer videos, corporate presentations, and more. Let's tell your story and achieve your goals!

Transforming your message - ONE FRAME  at a time!

District Pixel, your DC, MD, VA videographer team, creates impactful videos for businesses and individuals, including promotional content and event coverage. We understand the power of video marketing and work closely with clients to craft their message.


From small businesses to conferences, we deliver exceptional service and quality, exceeding expectations. Let's collaborate and elevate your video marketing game together!

The Process Explained


In the initial consultation, we discuss your project requirements and objectives to determine the purpose of the video. We work with you to develop a concept that best suits your needs.


Once we have a concept in place, we plan and prepare for the shoot. This involves creating a detailed storyboard, scouting locations, casting talent, and selecting equipment.


On the day of the shoot, we capture the necessary footage to bring the concept to life. We work with professional-grade equipment to ensure that we get the best footage.

Post-Production or Raw Delivery

After the shoot, we carefully review and select the best footage to include in the final product. We also offer an amazing video editing services tailored to your needs. 

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Our Work

LaFletcher - 90th Anniversary
Nonprofit LEDC - EWI Program
(F) Ellen Crayton - Self-Service Point-of-Care Testing for Covid-19
Woodbridge Kitchen and Bath Kitchen Remodeling Video - District Pixel
Woodbrigde Kitchen And Bath Event Recap District Pixel
Spacebit at 70th International Astronautical Congress 2019 - Event Recap District Pixel
Blockchain and AI in the Life and Health Sciences
Total Wine - Wine & Wanderlust Wine Taste Event
GWATFL The Greater Washington Association of Teachers of Foreign Language Event Recap District Pixel
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