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Professional Shots for Professional Spots.

Exterior of a building in the Wisconsin Avenue in Washington DC during a sunny day. Photo by District Pixel Photography and Video.
Open neon sign is on under a roof in Bethesda Maryland showcasing the Local business photography service of Distrcit Pixel Photography and Video

Washington DC - Maryland - Virginia

We provide top-notch photography that transforms how your business appears online. 

Step up your online game with photos that pop! Our photography services are tailored for small and medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their presence on platforms like Google Business. Let us help you capture the heart of your business in every shot.


Business photography of the welcoming reception area at Triad Medical Spa in Crofton, Maryland, featuring a stylish interior with blue velvet chairs, a curved reception desk under pendant lights, and modern gold accent tables, creating a comfortable and elegant atmosphere for visitors
  • Draw Customers: Captivating photos attract more visitors.

  • Boost Online Image: Quality images enhance your digital footprint.

  • Outshine Rivals: Stand out with unique, professional shots.


  • Adds a Personal Touch: Makes your business relatable.

  • Builds Trust: Shows off your professional team.

  • Boosts Engagement: Connects customers to your staff.

Business photography of a professional nurse practitioner at a medical spa in Crofton, Maryland, posing confidently beside a treatment chair in a well-equipped clinic room. She is wearing a white lab coat over a black outfit, enhancing the clean, clinical aesthetic of the spa environment


Team photography for medical facilities captures three smiling female staff members at Triad Medical Spa in Crofton, Maryland. They are dressed in uniform black scrubs, standing confidently in their stylish clinic reception area, reflecting the professional and welcoming atmosphere of their workplace
  • Build Trust:  Team photos connect customers with your staff, fostering trust.

  • Boost Engagement: A great team photo creates a relatable brand image.

  • Capture Your Spirit: Reflect your company's unique personality.

Boost Your Website's Conversion
Rates and Search Engine Performance


Business photography captures a male store clerk in a black and white checkered apron organizing eco-friendly products on wooden display shelves in a well-lit, modern shop, emphasizing sustainable consumer goods.

Small - $550

• 20 Web-resolution photos of       your business. 
• Photographer
• 2 hours of editing and post-         processing. 
• Delivery via online gallery. 
• Touch up and editing
• Transportation
• Consultation call

Professional business photography of a female cashier in a grocery store, smiling as she hands a bagged product to a customer. The scene showcases excellent customer service and a friendly retail environment

Large - $975

• 40 Web-resolution photos of       your business. 
• Senior Photographer
• 4 hours of editing and post-         processing. 
• Delivery via online gallery. 
• Touch up and editing
• Transportation
• Consultation call

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